The most beautiful trip is the one that has not been made too
(Loiyck Peyron)
The perfect place is where you stop to ask what time is it!
The trip not only broadens the mind...the shape
(Bruce Chatwin)
Traveling is to add life to life
(Gesualdo Bufalino)
Life is too short to waste it to realize the dreams of others
(Oscar WIlde)
Life is a big canvas : down on it all the colors that you can
(Danny Kaye)
The rule of heaven is perfection. The rule of man is the pursuit of perfection
(Chinese proverb)
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page
(Agostino d'Ippona)
Travelling is like falling in love : the world becomes new
(Jan Myrdal)
Travel, is to give meaning to his life, traveling, is to give life to their senses
(Alexandre Poussin)
It always starts with a trolley full of clothes, we will return with a head full of memories
(@rattodisabina, Twitter)
Traveling as Gandhi, with simple clothes, open eyes and an open mind
(Rick Steves)
On the first trip it turns out, the second one adds
(Tuareg proverb)
The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible
(Ari Kiev)
In my travels I have not found answers, only wonders
(Marty Rubin)
Life is a journey, travel is to live twice
(Omar Khayyam)

about us

We of InTuscany have a single goal, let you experience our beautiful region like nobody else in Italy can, this is not only thanks to the expertise of our team and the professionals that we use but also and above all because we love our land deeply we know and are sure to be able, through our enthusiasm to make you live experiences out of the conventional and definitely unforgettable. We take every customer under our ”wing” and lead them on a special route, a journey full of unique sensory experiences, visual, olfactory and taste. Experience the special atmosphere of Tuscany, enjoy its colours and beautiful landscapes, discover hidden corners that no one will be able to visit if not with us of InTuscany , enjoy our excellent food, meet extraordinary people like us every day who put their heart on their sleeves in order to show the wonders of our land. We have selected for you among the best facilities where luxury is not just in the furniture or location of extraordinary beauty, but where the welcome is a principle and where nothing is overlooked in order to make your holiday memorable and worthy of our brand . You can choose among our proposals, all our tours are designed exclusively to make you live unique experiences and see Tuscany as you have never seen it before, we will not leave anything to chance, our main goal is to fulfil your every desire and make everything possible. We love to define ourselves the”tailors” This is because we can build your customized trip, all you have to do is ask and we will fulfil, we decided to specialize on Tuscany not only because this is our beautiful land but because the cultural, scenic, & gastronomic side of things is so vast that only focusing deeply as we do can we guarantee the customer to be able to say ”I visited Tuscany” otherwise it would be like reading a book by its cover. We wish you a safe journey and we look forward to seeing you InTuscany.


InTuscany stems from the desire of three people who love their land and wanted to be able to let the world to know just how exclusive the region is, Italy's most appreciated and known worldwide. Land of good wine, art, castles, wonderful villas, unspoiled coastline and steep mountains, the rolling hills, the colourful and unforgettable fragrances in all seasons. All this is Tuscany, a true work of art in the open air, something indescribable until you have not touched and seen it on hand its beauty, its flavours the colours and fragrances. The charm of a region that will remain in your heart and soul, unforgettable sensations from which you will be hooked more & more, we want you to experience all this and we know we do best.

tours and services


The creation of the tour has been designed and developed in detail by our team of professionals. Tuscany is a wide region, varied and full of wonders to see and in order to be able to appreciate it and live it was necessary to divide it into ”themes”. The first step was to give a geographical breakdown of our land in order to give you the opportunity to choose which corner of Tuscany to visit. Giving you the opportunity to come back maybe some other time in order to visit another. The tours are in total five, so-called geographical through which, with the support of professional guides, you can discover in depth our wonders, from historic cities to the most picturesque villages travelling along roads immersed in the enchanting landscapes. You will travel in our Mercedes cars or vans all last generation and equipped with all amenities, you will stay in exclusive and first-rate facilities all carefully selected by us, you will eat in the most traditional and typical locations tasting the delicacies of our land in the name of absolute authenticity and in many cases even directly from the manufacturer. We of InTuscany are and we will always be at your side throughout the whole of your stay our professional staff and our customer care will fulfil your wishes and any additional requirements not covered by the tour.

The creation of this category of tour took a long time and dedication regarding the selection and analysis of things to see, this is because Tuscany is a land saturated in culture and many excellences all worth visiting. We tried to select and build an offer of absolute level ranging from castles, to the historic homes to arrive at the wonderful Medici villas some of which are even of UNESCO heritage. You will visit the most important vineyards of Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and taste the wines, you will be accompanied by professionals who will explain how these delicacies are created. We are sure, that no one to date has an offer like that, many simply visit the most famous areas of Tuscany and cultural heritage that they belong to. We have tried to do more than that by creating ”targeted tours ” in order to the enhance certain assets and cultural aspects of our region, only then can we truly say that we can give you unique emotions and experiences truly extraordinary and at the end of the tour you can say you know, and have seen in detail some of the most beautiful sides of our land, to have savored the fruits and lived unique sensorial experiences. We of InTuscany are and will always be at your side throughout your whole of your stay our professional staff and our customer care will fulfill your wishes and any additional requirements not covered by the tour at any time.

This kind of tour is designed primarily to give you the opportunity to choose and try different types of holiday in one holiday. Guests here have the opportunity to try a different experience for just one day or for longer periods of time by combining the various options as they wish for as long as they want. From wine tasting, bicycle tours, boat or classic car tours, cooking classes, shopping, all of which are possible thanks to our organization and our staff. We of InTuscany will take you on this incredible journey and our customer care will always be at your disposal to comprehend any desire. On the following pages you will find for each daily experience a brief description, you can ask for more information by filling out the form and our customer care will be happy to give you all possible explanations. We wish you a good holiday ....InTuscany.

Pistoia was named Italian Capital of Culture 2017, we decided to celebrate this beautiful city with ad-hoc tour dedicated to the discovery of its artistic wonders and gastronomic and artisan excellence known worldwide. The city is a pearl of culture underrated until now, in fact often not among the main destinations, but it really is a casket of beauty to be discovered, its churches, ancient palaces, the underground city, nurseries, the culinary excellence known worldwide, the hills of Vinci and Montalbano, the mountain, really many routes that we wish to make you discover, at this point, just ask and we will try to accommodate

The Palio of Siena is a competition between the Contrada di Siena in the form of an equestrian rider of medieval origins. The "career", as traditionally called the race, normally takes place twice a year: July 2 runs the Palio in honor of "Madonna" of Provenzano, and on August 16 the one in honor of "Madonna" of Assumption. In the case of exceptional occurrences of urban or national importance considered relevant and pertinent (eg centenary of Unification of Italy), the Sienese community may decide to carry out an "Extraordinary Palio", which runs between May and September. This extraordinary party is an event that can give incredible emotions even to those who are not Siena, with a total duration of four days, from the assignment of the horses to each of the ten participating districts until the day of the race. During the days preceding the Palio, they run twice a day on the square in the square, which are used by jockeys and horses to train each evening, and in every district there are dinners where all participants of the district people can experience the emotions of party. We at InTuscany can accompany you step by step to know in depth this wonderful event, from dinners in the district, to the city tour accompanied by our guide, you can experience the many emotions just like a Sienese citizen. We also have the opportunity to show you the evidence or the Palio from the windows of some wonderful apartments that directly overlook the Piazza del Campo. With regard to both the evidence and the Palio, the possibility of having seats in apartments or on stages or terraces is bound to the availability of the moment unless you move in advance. You can request all the information you need at

Exclusivity is also the possibility to choose to do what you want, we have selected and made for you a wide range of wonderful tours where you will be able to see various aspects of Tuscany but, at the same time, you can build your holiday choosing between the various ”daily experiences” so as to make the tour as you wish, or we can give you a real service ”tailor made”, in fact, by filling out the form at the bottom of the page you can tell us what you would like to do, express your desires, our staff will consequently build a vacation plan ”tailored” for you directly, unique. You ask, we will fulfil.

We of InTuscany will take care of every detail of the trip, especially your luxury transport services. When organizing your customized travel itinerary we will also discuss with you the necessary transfers, be it to the airport, your hotel, or to different destinations. We want to ensure that every aspect of your trip will be perfect and that our personalized services extend to every aspect of your holiday, from start to finish. We have built an extensive network of highly qualified professionals that include transfer travel with an English-speaking driver for your comfort. This service will be available to pick you up at the airport or train station so we can give you a comfortable and stress-free ride to your next destination. We welcome you with transport services of the highest level that include a variety of Mercedes vehicles or luxury mini vans to meet your needs. Our private transport, however, are not limited only to cars. As Italy has a varied landscape, so you may need other luxury transport when going from one destination to another. You can, for example, book your transfer by private boat to admire a beautiful and picturesque trip on the water. We offer a fleet of luxury boats complete with a highly qualified crew. For the most demanding we are willing to arrange a helicopter transfer for your comfort with a breath taking aerial view always relying on proven professionals.

This page is dedicated to our parter, companies with whom we have close not only a partnership but a real synergy that allows us to capitalize on each other's experiences in their respective ambiti.Ringraziamo our partners for their professionalism and the seriousness with which help us to give a better service to our clients, our hope is that over time the "family" of InTuscany will spread to other companies of the same thickness and professionalism. For those who want to collaborate with us in various areas do not have to do is contact us and we will be pleased to make your acquaintance. Atelier Video Photo Senese: AVFS - Atelier Video Photo Senese in Siena it is a brand new photo studio and creative services agency, specializing in photography and reportage video for events, ceremonies and upscale weddings within the whole territory of the Tuscany region . Thanks also to the typical "tuscan landscapes" enjoyed by the territory, the study is available for Phototour guided with photographic coaching for selected groups in Siena, Florence, Chianti, Val d'Orcia and Maremma. Macrosoft Service: Macrosoft Service is a dynamic company based in Siena operating for several years in the Internet sector. We propose ourselves as a reference point for individuals and companies who wish to present their business on the Web and image through effective solutions, innovative and easy to use. The experience and expertise of our staff allows us to take advantage of the latest technology in the multimedia field, in order to best meet the specific needs of our customers. Vertical Print: Born in 1995 as a company dedicated to service for printers, we have always followed the market's needs. Soon we realized that the customer has difficulties in having so many partners. So we decided to provide the customer with many services into one company. Only one person less time, better product quality, price optimized

Our company is also involved in event organization , born as " Sense Tuscany " the face mark the realization of events entirely dedicated to the enhancement of our region and its gastronomic excellence and beyond. Our region has not only an immense cultural heritage but also an agricultural heritage of immeasurable value, the virtuous path that leads many small producers to produce great products is what we intend to put in sight with this dedicated series of events , in collaboration with the ' Atelier Video Photo Senese and the facilities with which we collaborate we will make several stops travel in which , from time to time we'll bring as evidence some local producers . You can follow the evolution of the evenings on our facebook page dedicated .



Tuscany is located in the beautiful accommodation , immersed in the countryside and in the incredible scenery and dream . Among these , we have wonderful relais and resorts , equipped with every comfort and suitable to spend relaxing moments absorbed in the peace of the Tuscan hills . Following are some of the structures we work with , you can ask all the necessary information through the relevant form , and we will put you in direct contact so that you can even book your stay .

The vocation of Tuscany has always been agriculture , in recent years the desire to bring many mansions or abandoned farms in accommodation of a high standard in fact is that you should come and create many charming farmhouses where those staying there are not only pampered by all modern facilities but they can eat and drink products made ​​entirely by km 0. There are many companies today that make organic farming and meet the dictates of time and earth , staying there can be a truly unique experience at a physical and spiritual level.

Tuscany is full of authentic architectural masterpieces from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance the great families of the time they built palaces , castles , estates, now belonging to the same families or hand past but open to everyone as accommodation of the highest standard . We InTuscany we are honored to collaborate with each other even with some of these structures , the following is a roundup of dedicated windows .

Stay in a beautiful villa in the countryside or near the sea can be a viable alternative in order to fully enjoy the familiarity and freedom while enjoying all the amenities of a high standard dwellings like the ones we work with can offer you . Below you can find the shop windows of the villas with whom we have the pleasure of working and ask for information about their availability .

Tuscany is one of the regions with the highest tourist potential of Italian high quality , among the structures we can find boutiques, designer , and other historians today restored with wisdom , have become true and proper jewelry places . We InTuscany we are privileged to work with some of these structures and I will show you in these pages .

tuscany wedding

Tuscany is a favourite destination for people all over the world to come and celebrate their wedding, some famous entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs from around the world have decided to get married in one of the exclusive locations that our land offers. We of InTuscany felt it was appropriate to offer this service, we use the best catering companies, highly qualified wedding planners and have a wide range of the most beautiful locations to offer. A Wedding in Tuscany is one of our services, and as such it has been designed and built to offer the maximum from all points of view. If you would like more information all you have to do is fill in the form below and our customer care will be happy to give you all the information you need, once you have expressed your interest one of our representatives will follow up with telephone conversation and then arrange a meeting in person to plan in great detail your most important day that will be an honour for us to organize and to make it an unforgettable experience.

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